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at Bishop's Corner in West Hartford.  They will sell and display some of my  photo-manipulation there.  You can see my work all of October and it will be taken down on November 4.  I would encourage any local artist to try that place they are very friendly.
I have been so busy that I've not even had a chance to post I am busy............Anyway, Is everyone looking forward to fall?  There are early signs now...

We just moved again............I've had a time also getting the daughter ready to move into her apartment too!  She needed everything......

And on top of that I think I needed a break too!  But I've been looking through a very set of pictures I took last year in Terryville . I never got a chance to post these, they were taken on Oct 26, 2013.  We thought we were in Sleepy Hollow bc we don't know the area because of the "Sleepy Hollow"  TV show they were all decked out for Halloween and have a parade every year.  It's really a very pretty town.  Terryville, we ate at Bella's Diner, which was awesome.  But Sleepy Hollow was actually the next town over  and they do ride with the headless horseman which leaves from the graveyard..spooky!

We hear from the locals that the tv series just made the events around the area insanely popular and crowded.  

After I finish with the pictures I will post them!

Also hopefully soon I will be posting some pics I took from New  Orleans where I went with my husband for our anniversary.  Didn't do that place justice at all! bc the weather was colder than normal. 

It's nice to be back!
Hello freinds!!

Happy Fall.  I've got a really nice set from Cedar Hill which was just bursting with color.  I am sorting that out and I should be able to be start posting those tomorrow.  It's gotten really, really cold.........and I am not used to it, not yet.

I am huddlled in.....................................brrrrrrrrrrrrr.............
Finally have three fresh ideas am whipping into manips................

Love the fall!
My apartment is now being show and I am in the process of moving!  I will be moved in Aug. 1, but need time to unpack and settle, like a week or 2.  I will miss you all!

And thanks for all your support.

I have reworked 2 maips and have a new manip up there.

Very sad about this and sort of as a tribute have done some photomanips with the murals i have taken pictures of .  I am really going to miss it!  Always felt like a homey place.

This set from Brattleborro, VT was taken last year on my honeymoon.  I had forgotten they were there and meant to post them sooner.  This was our first time exploring Brattleborro.  I love the old buildings and the quaint shops.

Here is what I have been up to.  Sorting through my Memory Card File on my desktop to see if I have anything worthy of being posted and didn't get a chance to post......picked a set that has a disco balll, a side street in downtown Hartford, a set from Cedar Hill.  Odd things that I didn't have time to work on.

I hope to post them by the end of the week.  Then set up new files for new work.

Also I have been learning not photoshop, but shadow and lighting with a book I found and the Premium tutorials about compostion. I am hoping to improve on this stuff!  I hope to grow and apply this to everything!

Next week I am back to mainpulations.

Thinking of publishing something.......




I am in the long and ardous process of organizing my photography into folders.  Time flies by quickly organizing this stuff, but I have to put the brakes on myself and say ok, you need to stop.  I am pretty compulisve and it's hard to stop organizing.......I need one more folder, but I've done 7 pages today out of a 27 page Gallery.

I am satisfied with how it looks so far!  It will be done a bit at a time.  Thanks for the Premium Membership whoever you are.  It's so nice to get this, how thoughtful.  Have been going through tutorials and am reading a lighting and shadow book too.  So right now I am learning and organizing the website.

So much learning in art,  to get up there.

I hope everyone likes the new layout I did last weekend.  I think it's better because I like being able to make the images so that you can see them.  Did waffle through it on my own.

So now I have folders in my gallery!  Yeah!
Miss everyone.  THAAAnKS to you (you know who you are!) anonymous.  It was extremely kind and generous and I will try to make use of
said present!
Am I ever relieved to finally have my spark back!  For a month or so I have not felt even like taking my camera.  Prolly some of it is the holidays and being busy, but I think I needed a change of scenery.  And so I have decided to do a few sets of well the grittier side of Hartford.  Am working on another set too of the colorful Parkville area.  I really enjoy looking at other people's industrial work, but it never occured to me that it's outside my door!

And so I am going to play with industrial stuff just to see if I have the chops for it.  And I can't tell you what a nice change it has been for me.  I hope everryone likes it as much as I do................
First blush of fall on the early Sugar Maples, first cool morning this weekend and i have a ton of energy!  We went down to Cypress Cemetery....... Never been there before, gosh sooooooooooo beautiful!  There is a small road that leads down to the shore and a lot of the graves look as old the ancient burying ground to me anyway!  Also there were a lot salt on these graves so were moldy and pocked and i just loved bc i've never seen those like that before!

I am working on getting those up in my gallery, but want to be a bit experimental.  I want to try the screen tool.  I want to these pick of Ridge Rd. that i took this morning and they are a really good set and so i hope you like them!

the Olympics tonite!  My daughter's school is being honored with performing during the Olympics in London!  What an honor to be chosen and well chosen too!  Break a leg........The group performing is The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Jazz Choir, they also performed for President Obama!  Go Academy!  You are the shining example of what a magnet school should be~  I love all of you, for those kids are among a whole school of gifted kids and staff!  I am so proud and we will all be watching!

Teri deMaille
Resident Artist
it takes me forever absolutely forever to group my photographs in a way that makes sense and has some appeal and i can get it accross as a concept.  i like this one especially.  i like the sense that there is a sense of urgencey and beauty.
Hello everyone!  I am pleased to announce that I have the wall for Januray at La Paloma Sabanera.
"La Paloma will be open Monday thru Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm. The second floor space will serve as a gallery for local artists."

It's a lovely coffee house.  Come on down and check out my photography!!  It's at 405 Capitol Ave., Hartford, CT 06106.  It's a very hip place to hang and hang out!

The wall will feature the unique landscape of Hartford.  Also two November Sunrises,  which are entrants to the 9th Annual Smithsonian photo contest.  All my art if very reasonbly priced!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me.
I like to take pictures of and get inspired by Hartford, the city I live in.  I try to show it positively.  It has a bad reputation.  I also get inspired by fall, the small town of Old Wethersfield and other small towns.  I need to go where there is sidewalk and so I don't take that many rural pitures.

I use art as a process of healing to.  It makes me feel great to take pictures and photo manip.  I like the result of photo editing, but i find the process is very time-consuming and posting photo manip w links, time consuming.  I am kinda lazy and would rather just a good picture.

I love to get outside.  But on lousy days,  in the rain or snow, inside.  Also  I love getting carried away with imagination.
But I am not a gullible person.
Please buy a print from me so I can buy another camera.  I will sell my soul for another camera.